10 Times You Should Take Your Engagement Ring Off

As the saying goes, diamonds are forever… But it doesn’t mean they can’t get dirty or the ring they sit in can’t suffer from daily wear and tear. When possible, we do suggest you avoid wearing your ring when carrying out certain tasks to avoid damaging or dirtying your sparkler. Here are our top 10 tips when you shouldn’t wear your engagement rings.

  1. Swimming

Swimming when wearing your engagement ring can cause a multitude of issues. Firstly, when your hands are submerged in water for a long time your fingers can shrink, meaning it might slip off and get lost. But the water itself is the main issue… Salt water can make your diamond look cloudy and the chlorine and chemicals in swimming pools and hot tubs can damage the metal of the ring itself. If you’re planning on a swim, maybe leave your ring at home just to be on the safe side.

  1. Going to the Gym

 When you’re working out, it’s important to think about the type of activity you’re doing as your ring can be susceptible to many scrapes and knocks when using equipment and machines. Continuous contact with weights, machine handles and even your own body weight can cause your ring to lose its shape… This can cause stones to come loose or even fall out. Also, whilst a simple run on a treadmill may not cause direct contact with your ring, you don’t want it to fall off a sweaty or slippery finger.

  1. Impact Sports

Similar to going to the gym, any sport that involve using your hands means your ring can come into contact with hard surfaces such as tennis rackets, golf clubs or even bowling balls. You’d also be surprised by people who assume a padded boxing glove will provide protection – this is definitely not the case. If in doubt just take the ring off; maybe securely store it on a chain around your neck so it’s never too far away. This will ensure there’s no possibility your ring will become misshaped. 

  1. Washing Your Hands

We can hear you already – “how can washing my hands affect my engagement ring?” – the answer is simple… Your hands may be nice and clean, however the oils and chemicals in soaps and hand wash will stick to the surface of your diamonds or gemstones and make them look dirty. Vigorous washing can also cause the ring to slip off – and when standing in front of an open plug hole you don’t want that bling falling down the sink. Take off your ring and store safely before washing your hands. 

  1. Applying Hand Cream

Just like washing your hands, applying hand cream can cause a build up of oil and residue on the surface of your diamond as well as underneath in the setting. As several layers of hand cream gather under the diamond, it can cause the appearance of internal inclusions from the top surface – which when you’ve invested in quality is not ideal. Don’t worry though, a soft toothbrush and some washing up liquid can get rid of the build-up – just gently brush under warm water and rinse away any soap suds. 

  1. Sleeping 

When going to sleep at night, why not keep your ring box next to your bed and put your diamond to rest as well. While you’re asleep you can move around unknowingly, and you could accidentally catch your ring on the fabric of your bedding – which may cause the setting to become loose. Also, depending on how you sleep, you may put unnecessary pressure on the ring which can cause long term effects on the stability of the setting overall. A bedside ring box is an ideal reminder to take it off at night (or for an afternoon nap!). 

  1. Cleaning

When it comes to housework, your ring should be kept far away from your cleaning routine. The chemicals in cleaning products, such as bleach can cause discoloration to the metal and the surfaces of most brushes, scouring pads and sponges can scratch your band making it dull. There’s also the possibility that the heavy duty required for some cleaning tasks can cause structural problems with your ring. You don’t want your tight grip on the vacuum cleaner to distort the shape of your rings! When cleaning – rings off, marigolds on. 

  1. Cooking 

There is a plethora of reasons why your engagement ring should be taken off whilst cooking… The first is hygiene; you don’t want bacteria from fresh meat and fish to coat your sparkling stone. Another common fault in the kitchen is that when baking remnants from your delicious treats can become trapped under the stone when kneading bread or making cake and biscuit mixes. Keep your ring safely out of the way when you’re in the kitchen, unless you’re just popping your favorite pizza in the oven or pouring a glass of wine. 

  1. Gardening

Like cleaning, the garden has many hazards for your sparkling possessions. Not only can the earth and dirt become embedded into your ring setting but the work itself can cause unwanted stress and strain on the ring itself causing the ring to misshapen or stones to become loose – or even fall out. Gripping onto your garden tools and appliances places a constant pressure on the back of your ring setting which not only puts the ring in danger but could cause unfortunately injury to your hand. Keep it indoors to be safe.

  1. Ring Check-Up 

Now this is one we can easily get behind! Taking your ring off for a check-up every couple of years is always something we recommend. Sending your ring back to where you bought it for assessment enables the craftsman who made it to check everything is in order. They can ensure that all claws are in place and no stones are loose as well as give your ring a thorough clean and polish to return it bright and sparkly as new. Most jewelers can even provide an up to date insurance valuation for you too. Winner.