Valentine’s day is soon upon us and you’re probably here because you don’t know what to get your partner for the day all about your love for each other. So, read onwards and find the perfect gift from Quality Diamonds.

The Perfect Gift

Earrings are a perfect gift for anybody - as long as their ears are pierced! If their ears aren’t pierced, you may have to consider reading another blog… like this one! (link)

If your partner loves jewelry, especially earrings then diamond ones will definitely be special. Diamonds are irreplaceable and sentimental, they can be treasured and passed down generations making them a beautiful gift.

Ways you can gift Earrings

The most standard way to give a pair of earrings to your partner is by simply wrapping up the box that they came in and making sure it is opened last, we don’t judge you for doing it this way don’t worry :)

Another way you could gift earrings is by placing them into your partners’ favorite box of chocolates (bonus points if they’re in a heart shaped box), this way when they are excited to start eating, they’re presented with a big surprise!

Though this is typically done with engagement rings, you could serve your partner their favorite drink, like prosecco or lemonade, and place the earrings at the bottom of the glass: making sure they don’t swallow them. Maybe don’t do this if your partner is clumsy…

If you want to make things a bit more exciting and your partner loves a treasure hunt, set one up for them with the earrings being the treasure at the end - what an amazing surprise that would be: fun too.