The Meaning of a Ruby Engagement Ring

A close up of a ruby engagement ring

No pressure but choosing an engagement ring is kind of a big deal! An engagement ring is the ultimate statement piece, one that says, “I love you and want to spend the rest of my days with you” and, as such, the style of the ring and choice of stone should reflect just that. Diamonds, gemstones and birthstones are a popular choice for engagement rings seeing as many of them hold their own special meaning. If you take the time to study their respective meanings, you will be able to find the right stone to match your partner’s personality or the many feelings they invoke in you. Next to diamonds, the ruby has become the most popular stone for engagement rings and once you gain an understanding of its history and symbolism you will come to understand just why.

The ruby is a deep red gem and gets its name from the Latin word for red, namely ruber. As we all know, the color red is a symbol of love, so it comes as no surprise that this is a sought-after stone for engagement rings. The color is also a great symbol of power and in countries like India, it is considered the king of precious stones, which is why many a royal figure can be seen wearing elaborate ruby jewels. It is also common in India to honor deities with gifts and it is said that those who bring Krishna rubies, will be reborn an emperor in their next life.

Throughout history, many different cultures had their own beliefs about the properties of this beautiful stone. It is said to be closely linked to the sun, therefore possessing many of its energetic properties and bringing new vitality, passion and power to those who wear it. This energy contributes to physical and emotional balance, stimulates the heart chakra and detoxifies the body and blood. It has also been used to heal physical ailments and was even used in its powdered form to treat liver diseases during the thirteenth century. Another interesting property – especially for those who are about to embark on married life – is its sexual energy: it stimulates the libido and attracts sexual activity.

The ruby is very durable and after all – isn’t durability exactly what we’re looking for in marriage? They have a Mohs Hardness of 9.0 which is almost as a hard as a diamond, meaning they can be cleaned using standard home-supplies such as a damp cloth and a soft-bristled toothbrush. However, it is important to have the stone checked for fissures now and then, especially if you’re looking to have it professionally cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners as these could worsen any cracks.

Rubies are extremely rare therefore it is considered incredibly romantic to be receiving one as an engagement ring. By proposing to your partner with a Ruby engagement ring, you are acknowledging the fact that a love like yours is far from easy to come by and this is a sentiment even the antiromantic will appreciate. Legend even has it, that this stone, which is said to bring peace and contentment, has the ability to bring distanced lovers back together. Although rubies have become more popular as engagement rings, they still aren’t considered particularly traditional – not like the diamond ring, for example – so if you’re partner is one to dance to the beat of their own drum and likes to stand out with their fashion and style choices, you’ll definitely be doing them a favor by opting for such a unique and dramatic stone.