As you probably know, diamonds come in many different shapes, sizes and colors - which can make it quite confusing when it comes to choosing the perfect diamond. We hope this article will help you decide on the ideal size diamond you should choose for your budget. Of course, our Diamond Experts have years of experience helping customers find their perfect diamond so if you’re still unsure, please feel free to contact us and we’ll help you along the way!

Let’s begin by saying that every person is different. Each with their own unique personality, preferences and budget, so the one thing we can guarantee is that we won’t be able to answer the question above! What we can do is pass on tips and tricks and commonly asked questions when customers are looking for the perfect sized diamond.


The higher the carat weight, the bigger the diamond?

It’s a common misconception that the higher the carat weight, the bigger the diamond will look. Don’t forget, carat is a weight, not a size, so when a diamond is set in jewelry, the only visible part of the diamond is from the top, so it’s crucial to check the width and length.

For example, the two diamonds below are the same carat weight, but looking from the top they appear very different in size:


The top diamond has nice proportions. The bottom diamond is the same carat weight, but due to being deeper, appears smaller from the top.

Clearly, a five-carat diamond will be bigger than a one-carat diamond, but when it comes to similar carat weights, check the dimensions to ensure you get a bigger looking and a diamond that sparkles for your budget.


Some diamond shapes look bigger than others?

For many customers, the higher the carat weight the better - but not everybody has the budget. If you do have a limited budget and are dead set on the biggest diamond possible, elongated shapes, like pear, marquise, emerald and oval look very classy, without breaking the bank.

However, If you have an unlimited budget and are dead set on the biggest diamond possible, elongated shapes, like pear, marquise, emerald and oval also look very classy, without looking too big on the finger!!!

These diamond cuts appear larger than more rounded shapes (like the Round Brilliant) and are better value for the same carat weight.


So what is the most popular size diamond?

The most popular size center diamond is around 0.7ct (or you might hear it called 70 points, which is the same thing!). It has a nice balance of width across the finger and height, so it doesn’t sit too high and catch on objects whilst being worn. Practical and beautiful… a combination loved by everyone… It’s also possible to get a beautiful quality diamond without blowing a (too big!) hole in your pocket.


I really want a one-carat diamond!

It’s common to try and find at least a 1ct diamond on a budget. This can result in buying a poor quality, deep diamond that appears smaller. Opting for a smaller, higher quality, nicely proportioned diamond will look beautiful, without appearing any smaller. 

… and if you’re someone looking for exactly 1ct, expect to pay more than for 0.99ct and 1.01ct diamonds of the same quality. The market for exactly 1ct diamonds (or exactly, 2ct, 3ct etc.) is very competitive, so prices are higher for no reason other than more people demand them. If you have to have one, expect to pay more. If you don’t, go a bit higher or lower in carat weight and you’ll save some pennies!

If you can’t hit that magic one carat, look at a halo ring, which adds a row of diamonds around the central stone, makes it appear much bigger and looks absolutely stunning!


What about Lab-Grown, should I have one?

An alternative to buying a natural diamond is to opt for lab-grown. Widely regarded as a more ethical and environmentally friendly alternative, you can get much more bang for your buck! A lab-grown diamond is exactly the same chemical composition as a natural diamond but has been grown by simulating the temperatures that create a diamond in the earth. The downside… Yes, there always is one! In theory, an unlimited number of diamonds can be Lab-Grown, so it’s uncertain as to the value of lab-grown diamonds in the future. Definitely one to watch though!


Things to consider:

  • If you’re buying a ring, check which diamond shape and size matches your finger.
  • If you’re buying for a minimalist, for goodness sake, keep it simple. Not big. No bling. A classic, beautiful quality solitaire diamond ring will be perfect. 
  • For earrings, half carats (0.5ct or 50 points on each ear) look fabulous on most ears
  • For a pendant - you can sacrifice quality and go big and go for a halo of smaller diamonds to get a classy look without breaking the bank.
  • If you’re buying jewelry as a gift, have a sneaky peak at the jewelry they have to gauge the size for a surprise.