The heart shaped diamond cut represents love and romanticism on a level which other cuts can only aspire to achieve. The shape being as it is, the ultimate symbol of love, makes it the perfect choice for Valentine's Day, an engagement ring or possibly even an anniversary gift.

Being a modified brilliant cut, the heart shaped diamond has the potential to deliver the same amount of brilliance and splendor as the more traditional round brilliant cut. It generally has 59 facets and a roundish pavilion allowing the diamond to exude sparkle and scintillation.

Although the heart shaped diamond is becoming ever more popular with its sentimental value and romantic connotations, it is one of the hardest to come across and can be one of the most difficult to perfect. Essentially, the heart shaped diamond is a pear cut with a cleft at the top. Many expert cutters may choose to prefer the heart shape over the pear if the rough diamond contains a natural inclusion in the cleft.

Careful consideration must be taken when considering the dimensions of the heart shaped diamond, as it would be greatly disappointing to receive an elongated or short and widened heart. It is recommended that the proportions are kept within a length to width ratio of 0.9-1.2:1. However, it is important to choose a diamond suited to personal taste. One must also be careful not to be wooed by low prices for such a cut. Although they may seem attractive it could indicate flaws such as slightly visible color in its corners, and so a higher color grading is recommended to achieve the most magical result.

There is great expenditure from the rough diamond when this cut is achieved expertly to allow for precise proportions and a carefully engineered pavilion making it currently one of the most expensive cuts.

The romanticism associated with such a cut makes it a versatile choice for almost any purpose. It can make a simple yet sentimental statement as a single stoned ring or as a solitaire with hearts in a range of sizes. It serves well as a pendant or as a more personal, human take on the classic diamond studs.